1.  Sturdy and stable design
2.  User friendly “soft touch” LED membrane control panel
3.  Pneumatic clamps provided for magazine alignment
4.  Pneumatic pusher’s pressure regulated
5.  High throughput with short magazine change-over time
6.  SMEMA compatible

Hitachi FS-1000Ⅲ


1.    高精度和高分辨率

2.    高速批量检查

3.    各种分析软件不断深化多样

4.    可操作性强,安全性高

Nordson March Sphere(WR)


1.  Dual cassette load station to minimize idle time.
2.  Multi-sizes capable aligner with minimal hardware change-over required.
3.  Robust robotic wafer engine.
4.  Integrated wafer recognition for high reliability wafer handling.
5.  Compact design minimize floor space.
6.  Unique kits allow fast change-over between wafer sizes and supports multi-load for smaller wafer sizes.
7.  Highly uniform treatment and fast throughput.

Nordson March AP1000


1.  PLC controller with touch screen provides an intuitive graphical interface and real time process representation.
2.  Flexible shelf architecture allows processing of a wide variety of part carriers in either direct or downstream plasma mode.
3.  The 13.56 MHz power supply has automatic impedance matching for unparalleled process reproducibility.
4.  Proprietary software control system generates process and production data for statistical process Control.

Nordson March AP300/AP600


1.  Touch screen control and graphical user interface give real-time process information
2.  Flexible shelf architecture allows process of a wide variety of piece parts, components or carriers 
3.  13.56MHzRF generator with automatic matching network delivers excellent process repeatability.
4.  Convenient facility hook-ups for periodic calibration requirement used in validation process.

Nordson March Flextrak-CD


1.  Highly uniform plasma with fast treatment rates
2.  Production-ready strip handling system
3.  Easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface (GUI)
4.  Service components accessible via front pull-out shelves
5.  High throughput, small footprint, low cost of ownership

Nordson March Fastrak


1.  Flexible configuration accommodates the full range of strip dimensions and magazine designs
2.  Advanced robotic handling system minimizes strip handling, pushing, pulling and reduces operator intervention 
3.  New camera-based material tracking provides 100% plasma treatment validation 
4.  High-efficiency, application specific, plasma chamber design offers Direct or Ion Free plasma treatment modes 
5.  Significantly smaller system footprint and magazine reuse capability save space and help lower cost of ownership

Nordson DAGE Ruby X 射线检测机


1.    适用于免维护密封传送型DAGE-NT-500X射线管,最高160KV管电压及 10W标靶功率
2.    特征分辨率<0.5um (500nm), 可选配UCT(3D 检测), X-Plane ™和加配显 示器
3.    使用Nordson DAGE 200 万像素@ 25fps的CMOS 平板探测器可实现实时 模式影像增强功能且使用寿命较长
4.    内置(X 射线图像稳定器)防震动控制处理系统
5.    2500倍几何放大倍率,5200倍系统放大倍率, 共计15600倍数字变焦倍率
6.    保持放大倍率不变的情况下最大可达到70°倾斜角
7.    最大样品尺寸 :29” x 22.8” (736 x 580mm),47” x 26”的电路板尺寸也可供选择。

Nordson DAGE Diamond X 射线检测机


1.    适用于免维护密封传送型DAGE NT-100X射线管,最高160KV管电压及10W标靶功率
2.    特征分辨率<0.1um并可选配uCT (3D 检测)& X-Plane ™功能
3.    使用Nordson DAGE 300 万像素@ 25fps的CMOS 平板探测器可实现实时模式影像增强功能且使用寿命较长
4.    内置(X 射线图像稳定器)防震动控制处理系统和24” 主显&加配TFT-LED 显示器
5.    2500倍几何放大倍率,7100倍系统放大倍率, 共计35000倍数字变焦倍率
6.    保持放大倍率不变的情况下最大可达到70°倾斜角
7.    最大样品尺寸 :29” x 22.8” (736 x 580mm)

Nordson DAGE JadeFP X 射线检测机


1.    适用于DAGE VR950 开发,透射式X光管,最高160KV管电压及3W标靶功率
2.    特征分辨率<0.95 (950nm)
3.    使用Nordson DAGE 133 万像素@ 10fps的CMOS 平板探测器可实现实时模式影像增强功能且使用寿命较长
4.    内置(X 射线图像稳定器)防震动控制处理系统
5.    1400倍几何放大倍率,4200倍系统放大倍率
6.    保持放大倍率不变的情况下最大可达到65°倾斜角
7.    最大样品尺寸 :29” x 22.8” (736 x 580mm)  

Nordson DAGE 4000


1.    Dage4000推拉力测试系统用于半导体或光电,电路板组装业。适用于所有的 Pull拉力和 Shear 推力测试,可达到高精度,高重复性,高再现性。 
2.    摇杆操作,简便易学; 
3.    马达驱动 X,Y 工作台; 
4.    适用于半导体各种封装形式测试金铝线黏合力;及COB封装、光电,LED,SMT组装 , 原件与基板黏合测试。

Nordson DAGE 4000plus


1.  High versatile

2.  Switch applications in just seconds

3.  Increased efficiency

4.  Ultimate step back accuracy

5.  Ultimate correlation

6.  Intelligent software

Nordson DAGE 4000 Optima

4000 Optima

1.  Fastest and most accurate bond tester

2.  Ultimate speed and flexibility

3.  Extensive application capability

TTVision F220


1.  High Speed Inspection Head for Higher Throughput

2.  Lower Cost $ per unit LED

3.  Faster Return-of-Investment (ROI)

4.  Multi Wires on Multi Dice Inspection for more device configuration

5.  Foreign Material Inspection (Optional)

6.  Simplified Angle View Setup

7.  Simplified Recipe Setup

8.  Reinforced Machine Base for Lower Vibration



1.    高解析度CCD图像扫描系统,有进行料片位子校正和辨认入料方向等功能。

2.    拼图技术智慧型扫描功能 – 可排除缺料点胶和解决后段设备卡料等问题。

3.    点胶阀体配搭胶针位置校正、清胶、监视等功能,操控人性化。

4.    诺配搭NSW 特制精密、高速点胶阀PP2D,可实现翻倍的实际产能。

5.    多功能点胶模式 - 提高 LED 封装可靠性、性能和材料利用率。

6.    Ndisp3 软体操控界面,性能现代化且适用于多类产品变化性生产。

7.    机身体积较小而且节省车间占据空间,发挥“空间小用意大”的作用。



1.   Multiple Magazine Loader (3~6 Magazines)

2.   Automatic Strip Width Conversion (Single & Matrix Boat)

3.   Mechanical Pre-alignment by Precise Jig 

4.   X- Y -Z Position Control By Servo Motor

5.   Flux Squeegee & Pin Dotting Fluxing

6.   5 Vision Inspection System

(1) PCB PRS Vision (1.4M CCD)

(2) Auto Set-Up (1.4M CCD)

(3) Ball Volume Detect Vision (1.4M CCD)

(4) Ball Tool Inspection Vision (8M CCD) 

(5) Ball Quality Inspection Vision (8M CCD)

SSP Cover


1.    Boat Gripper & Step Motorized Feeding System.

2.    Strip & Cover Plate Picker Gripper & Vacuum Picker.

3.    Automatic Magazine and Strip Width Conversion for Reduction of Set up time (62mm Ù74mm).

4.    ID Inspection Vision System for Good/Reject Unit Count & Orientation Detect function.



1.  Minimum conversion between devices & carrier tape widths

2.  Handles micro devices down to 0.6x0.3mm

3.  Non-contact device alignment

4.  Vision guided PnP

5.  Multiple operation modes

Jin Bun自动光学检测


1.    客制化:满足客户个别需求,量身订做特殊功能

2.    高解析度:可判别微少不良

3.    共用性高:搭载变倍镜头,更换晶片规格只需调整倍率,不需更换镜头

4.    图像存储:可存储存各站正、反面NG及OK最近检测各200笔图像

5.    图像显示:运行可即时显示各站良品或不良品图像

6.    自订分类:可自由设定不良名称及吹气分类,方便管理。

7.    SSD硬碟:利用先进电脑硬体,快速开机,减少等待时间

8.    人性介面:容易操作使用。

9.    高定位精度:采用超高解析度ENCODER,不误判混料,不洗盘

10.    生产统计显示:可即时显示各站各项不良统计值。